This site contains material that some people may find offensive. A lot of the fic's contained within are NC17 rated and contain Shonen-ai as well as Yaoi. If you are not legally termed an adult in your country of residence then you should not be here. I will not accept responsibility or flames from those people who ignore the warnings. If you don't know what Yaoi means then you shouldn't be here in the first place now shoo... For those of you still wishing to read the fics then please enter and enjoy.

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Welcome to my Gundam Wing shrine. Here you will find lots of fic's by some very talented Authors. Due to the popularity of the Gundam Wing section on my sister site the DragonBall Diaries I have split the site and given the Gundam Wing Fic's their own site. All your favourite authors are still here and I will be updating as regularly as I have on the previous site. The layout is still the same as most people have commented on the ease of navigation so why change something that works, ne? Please feel free to wander around and read the works here. Drop a line to the authors as that is the only payment we receive and sign my guest book before you leave. Hope you return again and please... tell your friends.

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